This service is an alternative service for a certain amount for certain products and it is either mentioned on the site or provided to the customer by the sales team.

Limitless warranty policy helps you stay covered in case of defects in material, design and workmanship after purchase of the product.

The replacement warranty period is one or two years depending on the product and according to the customer’s request and includes replacing the product in case of breakage.

in the logistics assistance scenarios, the warranty replacement period is ten – working days (10) working days for the units covered under the warranty from the date of picking the product until dispatch.

Warranty Duration

Number of Claims

12 months (KSA )


24months (KSA )


The warranty will not be covered under the below conditions:

  1. Defect or damage as a result of the customer misuse and non-abidance by the instructions for use.
  2. Liquid spill on product.
  3. Product having UN-authorized repairs.

Warranty Providers:

Limitless provides its own warranty on some devices in order to ensure the highest quality of service. Customers can contact us for more information.

You may contact us through email: [email protected].

In case the customer rejects to receive the product after processing the warranty claim, the product will be stored in Limitless warehouse for a maximum period of fifteen (15) calendar days after which the customer will not be eligible to request for a return of the product.


  • Please always keep the item’s original box to claim warranty .
  • Delivery charge : There will be a delivery charge for all warranty claims.