Terms and Conditions

You can exchange the product if you receive it in the following cases

• An incorrect product, that is, it differs from the displayed product if the product is not used, in a suitable original package with all the labels on it.
• For electronics defective/damaged items, open-packed items will be accepted if the description or display pictures are different.
• In the event that a replacement is requested for another product without defects in the product, the customer must pay the full delivery fee and any other fees (example: fees for installing sports equipment)
The product must be in its original condition with all labels.

You cannot exchange in the following cases *
In case of exceeding the replacement period (7 days from the date of receipt)
• If the product is not in its original condition

. All our electronic devices have a 7-day replacement warranty from the date of purchase in case of any manufacturing defects –

A repair warranty is available on most of our electronic devices and should be advertised on our website –
• The warranty period is three months, six months, or one year depending on the product, and it is from the date of purchase and includes repairing the device in the absence of breakage or misuse by the customer –
• The repair period will be 15 days from the date of receiving the device from the customer
• The customer must bring the product to the company’s headquarters for the after-sales department, whether the request is for maintenance or replacement
• In the event that the customer does not want to bring the product to the company’s headquarters, we coordinate with one of the delivery companies, and the customer must pay the full fees.
Replacement Guarantee: The product is replaced only once during the warranty period, according to the customer’s decision for a period of one or two years.

This service is an alternative service for a certain amount of electronic devices and it is either mentioned on the site or provided to the customer by the sales team.

The replacement warranty period is one or two years depending on the product and according to the customer’s request and includes replacing the device in the absence of breakage or misuse by the customer.